Twisting into Acceptance

“Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it.”  A mentor told me this many years ago and it really helped to open my mind to the concept of acceptance. We don’t gotta like it, say it is ok, be happy with it, or even be resigned (that it will always be this way). Acceptance is saying just for today, this is what is, this is my current reality, for this one day. I may wish it were different, but for today I accept it. When we make peace, in this way, with what is, something inside of us relaxes; we are free; we have choices. We can be present for the time that is in front of us. Part of my personal unease with the stay at home order and global pandemic, has been allowing myself simply to be with it. I want to make the ‘most’ of my time, I don’t want to feel depressed, on and on, basically I don’t want to feel how I feel, I want to feel and be different. Well in order for that to even be a possibility, I need to start with what is. This dovetails so beautifully into our yoga practice. When trying to force our bodies, push into it, be further than we actually are, it causes discord.  If we can approach our practice with an open mind, explore where we are, without pressure to be somewhere else, I believe something extraordinary has the chance to emerge. Like life as a whole, it is a process. It isn’t easy to sit with uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, sensations, better to push on ahead. There is a gift in the center though, the gift of self, of presence, of relief. Twists can be a wonderful way to explore this energy.  We start at center and move into the twist, we hold there and breathe, then return to center. All beginnings have an end, all ends have a beginning. Yoga can help us cultivate a sense of equanimity with the ebbs and flows of life. And just like yoga on the mat is a practice, acceptance is also a practice, and a lifelong one at that.

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