Let Your Love Flow On

Hi, there! I had intended to write more, but there is not a lot happening in my external world, at least not enough to blog about. All recent events have been mostly internal. I have settled into a deeper place inside myself and this is where the journey is. I think to myself that I ought to go shopping, or to the city, or something exciting, but the thoughts pass me by and none of it seems very interesting. I spend time every day sitting inside of Meher Baba’s Samadhi, which is so beautiful and loving. This photo is the outside of the structure, from the back. It is my most favorite place on the planet; people come from all over the world to visit here.

My time is spent meditating, praying, journaling, walking everywhere, practicing yoga, cooking, sleeping, crying and laughing. My heart is softening and I get waves of sadness and old grief washing up. I also feel a lot of love and joy. It is the whole gamut of life really. Today I had a wonderful start to the day, feeling happy and content. Then I happened upon an abandoned puppy and spent the rest of the afternoon off and on in tears. I have a soft spot for animals, always have, it is why I am vegan. I have this empathetic bond with them. When I see one suffering it is the worst. I think it connects me to my own pain, of feeling helpless, neglected and unloved when I was young. So this little guy triggered my old pain and there wasn’t anything I could do to make him feel wanted. I am leaving soon and everyone around here has more dogs than they can handle.  I am praying for the pup, really praying that he is looked after and finds a good home. Tonight I went for a long “walk and talk” with a friend who lives here and that gave me perspective, stopped my tears, and helped me to feel better. Sometimes this is the best we can do. Try and help others, and find love and healing for ourselves. I am grateful to be here, and in a place where it feels safe to soften and to feel, all of it. Everything passes by, love is the only thing that remains, the only thing that truly matters.

“Let your love flow on ceaselessly,

like a stream down the mountain on its way to the Ocean.

Obstructions there will be, of pleasures, of pains. Pass by these as passing phases.

There will be flowers and thorns by the bank and in the flow.

Do not get attached; do not get affected.

Go on and on and let the stream become a river.

Doubts may assail you, self-complacency may lure you,

but with love in the heart, roll on, flow on

to me–the Ocean.

Worry not, fear not.

I am the Ocean of Love.”

–Meher Baba








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