“The healing treatments I have received from Katie have resulted in a deep feeling of renewal and restoration.  She works in a subtle yet powerful manner.  I can feel the energy movement in and around my body.  Katie is a skilled professional and a knowledgeable and compassionate healer.”   ~PCP, North Carolina

“Katie Mulligan’s work is  transformational…she guides you to a calming place where esoteric healing is manifested at a higher level which results in healing in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. To work with Katie is one of the true blessings of my life!”    ~KM, Omaha, NE


“I have had pain in both knees for more than 5 years. Osteoarthritis was diagnosed 3+ years ago. I had a treatment/session with Katie in November of 2015. After the treatment/session: first time in years I was pain free for nearly a week. Katie is a worker of Miracles!!”   ~Sarah B, Naples, Florida


“Working with Katie is reassuringly gentle and yet profound at the same time. I found that healing and relief came quickly following our sessions. I am rather amazed at the “after effects” from my treatments. I experience a feeling of wholeness and even happiness after each session.  I also appreciate the caring and thorough follow -up Katie provides after each session. Many thanks from a grateful client.  ~JT, Santa Fe, NM