Do You Feel Supported?

No surprise to find myself writing about support, and Mother’s Day, in the same post. A mother’s love, is there really anything else like it on the planet? But when it is missing, withheld, or lost, it can be hard to wrap your arms around. Whether it is for our own mothers, the loss of a child, or feeling the lack of not being a mother to a human, all of these things can illicit painful emotions.  Which brings me to my first topic, support. How do you feel supported? Is it by family, friends, nature, your art work, faith, etc.? There are so many different ways to get our needs met. Right now it can be extra challenging for us emotionally as our normal rhythms and routines are anything but normal. But we can reach out for support when we need it, even if the approach has to be a bit more creative. Call a friend, make a Zoom tea date, possibly a socially distanced walk, whatever genuinely works for you. I heard an expression once, “we all need a good listening to.” So true.

Regardless of our feelings about mothers, mothering, Mother’s Day,

that loving quality we associate with a mother is in each one of us.

This love deserves a celebration.



*Note: Photo of cows, Ollie (mom), and Rowan (calf), is from @alexandrefamilyfarm Instagram account.

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